About Us

Located in Donge County (the hometown of ass-skin glue) in Shandong province, mainly products Propiolic alcohol and 2-Butyne-1, 4-diol, with the latest equipment, the best technicians and quality.Covering an area of 38,831sqm, and possessing a total investment of CNY 25 millions, we now mainly produce two series of products, including Propiolic alcohol and co-production 2-Butyne-1, 4-diol; both of them are important alkynol compounds. Now, we yearly produce more than 1,000 tons of products. Propiolic alcohol is mainly used in the synthesis of drugs and pesticide, or used as brightener and antirust in plating industry, solvent in the oil production, stabilizer of chlorinated hydrocarbons, herbicide and bactericide. 2-Butyne-1,4-diol now is widely used to produce butanediol and related downstream products, or used as main material of vitamin B6; in addition, it can be used in brightening agent in nickel plating, and anticorrosive inhibitor, etc. 
Sticking to such policy of "brand supreme, quality first", we strive to produce excellent quality by adopting high & new technologies, and ensure excellent quality by establishing complete management system and adopting leading equipment. Following the requirements of demands of peoples, we are working hard to promote the values of our brand. 
Upholding such business idea of "human-orient", Shandong Donge Fengle Chemical Products Co., Ltd. works hard for improving and developing its business continuously; hence, we follow the market demands and strive to make technical innovations. With quality product and excellent service, Fengle sincerely welcomes your business and visit!